2018 Winners of the Sally FitzGerald Scholarship

North Fulton Students Awarded NFC PTA Sally FitzGerald Scholarships. The students were awarded $1,000 at the NFC PTA Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon held in April 2018 More »

Presidents & Principals Luncheon - April 2018

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Presidents & Principals Luncheon - April 2018

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Presidents & Principals Luncheon - April 2018

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WELCOME TO North Fulton Council of PTAs

The purpose of the North Fulton Council of PTAs is to support and empower our local units through education, collaboration, and resources services and to bring together all partners in education.

Dear Parent Leaders of North Fulton Council,


We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of being part of PTA.

The PTA is the oldest and largest child advocacy association in America with over 4 million members. Today, the issues that affect our children extend beyond their individual schools. The PTA’s nationwide network provides parents with the forum and tools to collectively influence the decisions that affect children not only at their schools, but also throughout their districts, within their states, and across the nation. This mission is unique to the PTA.

Besides having access to a great number of programs, trainings, grants, and conferences, by belonging to PTA you are part of a community that together can make a change.

There are many PTA events happening from now until the end of the year. We encourage all of our local units to attend as many of these as you can. If your president can’t go, please send a board member or an involved parent representative. As always, bring your PTA card!

You have a voice in legislative issues. PTA unites a wide array of individuals and organizations to broaden and enhance our ability to serve all children and families. PTA welcomes all voices to advocate on behalf of our children. “Every Child, One Voice.”

One common question PTA leaders are asked is: What’s the difference between PTA and PTO? Please read the document:  PTA vs PTO. It will help you answer this question.

North Fulton Council PTA supports the mission of PTA by supporting your hard work in the local schools. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need support, to resolve a conflict, or just need a question answered. 

Liliana Brenner and Kristin Sharpe
Co-Presidents, North Fulton Council of PTAs



Congratulations to all of this year’s North Fulton Council PTA Reflections participants!

Congratulations to all our winning students in NFC PTA!!!
Please share this with your students, especially the winners listed on the list below:
If they are on this list then they placed at the state level and will receive an invitation in the mail. If they are not on this list then, unfortunately, they MAY NOT attend. We have very limited space. If you see any typos please let me know ASAP so that I can correct them before the program is printed.  If you have any questions or your students do please don’t hesitate to send them my way. The celebration will be Sunday, March 24th at the High Museum. I will start returning the non-winning entries to your schools beginning next week. Watch for them. They will be marked ATTN: Reflections Chair unless there is only one or two and then I’ll ask that the front desk send them to the student. Once the celebration is over then the 3D VA winning entries will be returned, around the week before Spring Break. If they have a 2D VA or Photo entry that placed then those will be held until after they are exhibited at the High Museum in the fall. Usually September-October.  As always if you have any questions please let me know.
THANK YOU THANK YOU, EVERYONE, for all that you do for this wonderful PTA program. We could not do it without you.




2017 – 2018 North Fulton Council of PTAs Awards

These awards were presented April 11th, 2017 at the Principals and Presidents Luncheon.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!