REFLECTIONS 2014-15 THEME: The world would be a better place if...

We are are excited to see how our Pre-K through Grade 12 students reflect and interpret year after year. More »

NFCPTA Reflections 2013-2014

North Fulton Council Reflections. The theme for 2013-2014 was “Believe, Dream, Inspire”. For over forty years, the Reflections Program has been a signature program of our National PTA. More »

2014 Winners of the Sally FitzGerald Scholarship

North Fulton Students Awarded NFC PTA Sally FitzGerald Scholarships. Each scholarship winner was awarded $1,300 at the NFC PTA Presidents’ & Principals’ Luncheon held on Friday, May 2nd, 2014. More »


Welcome to the North Fulton Council PTA!


What is Council PTA? What does it do?

The different levels of PTA are National, State, District, Council, and Local.  Local Units are the foundation of PTA, and all other divisions exist to support the local unit!  A Council occupies a unique position in the PTA structure – its membership is comprised of local PTA units rather than of individual parents and teachers. North Fulton Council is comprised of 50 local units.

As stated in the Council Leadership Handbook, “A PTA Council is a group of local units organized under the authority of Georgia PTA for the purpose of conferences, leadership training, and coordination of efforts.  A council’s activities are in direct relation to the needs of both the local units and Georgia PTA.”

Councils promote awareness of National and State PTA objectives to the Local levels, and they share the significance and history of PTA.  Councils recognize the need for legislative “prowess” in their attempt to improve education for all children.  Lastly, as with all associations bearing the PTA name, Councils inform the public of the purposes, plans, and power of PTA.

Now that you know what a PTA “Council” is, we also want you to know the Board Members of this Council will continuously promote communication and cooperation among local units, as well as within our entire Fulton County District.  We will strive to support our local PTA units by providing leadership training and keeping you informed about important issues.  We know how busy you are with the operation of your PTA and we want to be supportive.  Let us know how we might be of help.  Solidarity between the Local Units, Councils, Districts, and Georgia PTA increases our capacity for service to the greater community, our membership, teachers, and students.