2014 EEA Conference Scholarship

If you are a NFCPTA teacher or parent volunteer with a passion for Environmental Education and who would like to make connections and increase your professional development, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Environmental Education Program at NFCPTA would like to sponsor 6-8 parents, teachers or volunteers from North Fulton Council to attend the 2014 EEA Conference.

The 2014 EEA Conference will take place Friday, March 28 – Saturday, March 29 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center.  You have the option of attending one or both days.  If interested, please apply for a scholarship at:

Click on the Scholarship Application Tab for the 2014 EEA Conference on the bottom left side of the page.  The application deadline is March 15, 2014.

A Conference agenda and session descriptions may be found the EEA website at:  http://www.eealliance.org/annual-conference.

Scholarship does not include lodging or expenses.  There is an additional cost of $37 if you want to stay at Rock Eagle.

For more information, please email:  vpporgrams@nfcpta.com