PTA believes in strong advocacy for every child, regardless of ethnicity, geographic zip code, or otherwise, they are ALL our children! Our children need PTA and we embrace the motto, everychild.onevoice.

NOW is the time to reach out to your elected officials (city, county, state and federal) and invite them to your schools and events. Inviting your elected official to your school or meetings is a great way to educate them on educational issues and concerns and how they can help guide public policy in Georgia. We need these elected officials to hear our voices and see the great things that are happening in our schools and communities! One of the easiest ways for people to advocate is to get involved and VOTE! Plan to have voter registration forms available for your community at your Open Houses and Curriculum nights; this is a service to your community and part of being an Outstanding Local Unit.

Regular Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.

Register to vote!  You can do it online by clicking HERE.

More more information go to: http://sos.ga.gov/index.php/elections


Your PTA needs a Legislative Chair!

Why should your school have a Legislative Chair?

Your community needs to be aware of what is happening under the Gold Dome! This is an ideal position for the parent who says, “I’d like to be more involved but cannot get into the school because…insert reason here.” Your legislative chair can fulfill the duties of this position entirely on-line and on their own time at home.

The basic duties of the legislative chair is to monitor school board meetings (agendas are online and meetings are available online either live or as recordings), sign up for and read Georgia PTA’s Capitol Watch during the Georgia General Assembly’s legislative sessions (usually mid-January through late-March), and sign up for the National PTA’s “Take Action Network” and pass on relevant information from all three (local, state and national) to your local unit. Easy! It’s time to voluntell (a bit of volunteer and a bit of telling) someone to fill this role.

You can find more information about Election Year Do’s and Don’ts and other legislative issues at http://www.georgiapta.org/issues-effective-advocacy.html

If you have questions, please contact Ellen Henry at vppublicrelations@nfcpta.com.

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