PTA is a membership organization. People join to show support for the work you do to help children, families and schools. We rely on our 5 million members to contribute their time and skills to schools and communities from coast to coast, and overseas where U.S. Military families are stationed.

Every individual who joins PTA helps not only his or her own child but every child. Imagine how strong your community could be if every parent, every community member and every business leader got involved with PTA.

Attracting new members and retaining existing members are among the most important duties of PTA. A strong membership is essential in order for PTA to continue to be a force in decisions involving the welfare and education of children.

For additional information, please contact our Vice-President of Membership at

North Fulton Council PTA Membership Award

Your local unit PTA qualifies to receive this award simply by increasing your membership from 2014 to 2015 school year.  Download the Membership Award Form from the link below and submit it to by April 1, 2015.