Report Writing

(a.k.a. Award Applications)

PTA has a variety of reports that Local units can submit for awards. For simplicity’s sake here are the most common reports that are submitted at the North Fulton PTA level :

Connect with Council Award

Our Council’s goal is to communicate and promote professional relations among parents, educators, administrators, legislators, the Board of Education, and members of the community in our attempt to speak as one voice for every child.

“Connect with Council” is an award intended to provide support, assistance, and leadership training to officers of Local Unit PTAs.  Participation in these events by Local Units will be recognized with an award which reflects the Local Unit’s dedication to their school and greater community.

Please find the link for the latest Connect with Council Checklist below.  Completed checklists can be sent to

Model PTA Award
This report, which is awarded at both the Council and State level has two parts. Part one is an administrative checklist and is a great tool for all local unit to use throughout the school year to help them keep track of due dates. This award is given to all local units who successfully complete the criteria. Part two, which is optional, is for the Georgia PTA Hearst Family-School Partnership Award. This award recognizes local units who put forth effort throughout the year to engage their families and community in innovative ways.  Find the application here.

Outstanding Local Unit Award

This report, which is award at both the Council and State Level, is exactly as it states.  It is given to the top three local units at each school level – elementary, middle and high school. There are three main parts to the application for the award. Part One consists of several checklists, Part Two is a narrative based on the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships found here, and Part Three is a scrapbook showing supporting documentation for Part Two.

If you have any questions about these or any other reports, please contact North Fulton Council’s report chair at

Reports are a critical part of life in PTA.  An easy one to start with is the North Fulton Connect with Council Award, which has a checklist for each Local Unit to meet 15 of 20 criteria.

One of the items on the form is Submit a “Plan of Work” for your Local Unit no later than October 1st.

When your Plan of Work is complete, please email it to and copy