NFC Secretary Procedures

 These are the NFC Secretary Procedures.  However, they are a good general template for local units as well.  Please feel free to utilize these procedures for your own board.


The secretary shall submit minutes to the board within 72 hours of meetings.

General outline of minutes:

  • Name of association
  • Date, place, and hour of meeting
  • Type of meeting (regular, special or executive)
  • Name of the presiding officer
  • Statement concerning the minutes of the previous meeting and their disposition.
  • Report of treasurer
  • Reading of communications
  • Reports of executive committee, standing committees, and special committees.
  • NOTE: All motions (except those withdrawn), points of order and appeals, whether sustained or lost, and the name of each member who introduced a main motion, but not the name of the seconder, are to be recorded.
  • Program with brief notes
  • Hour of adjournment
  • Secretary’s signature

Secretary-Action Items

The secretary shall submit to all concerned action items discussed at the board meeting within 72 hours of the meeting and again 10 days before the next meeting.


After collecting reports, motions and suggestions from the board, the secretary shall submit a proposed agenda to the president(s) two days prior to the meeting.

Board Members-Reports

The board members shall collect reports from committees and submit a summary of those reports and any other reports to the secretary no later than three days before the next meeting.

Modified from the Georgia PTA Leadership Resource Guide